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CV. Media Wacana (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Cv. Media discourse is a Consortium of Producers and Distributors Viewer Tool & Education Laboratory Schools Covering kindergarten / early childhood, elementary, junior high, high school and vocational school.

Cv history. Media Discourse:
Praise be to Allah SWT.Shalawat and greetings always tercurahkan to Rosulullah SAW.Berkat abundance of grace and the gift that until this moment the company is still in good condition and with hope ridhonya hopefully we are able to run the company kedepanya well.

The beginning of the company was founded in 2008, at the time this effort we initiated from scratch with very limited capital we are determined and with high morale to run the business, during which we engaged in printing, book publishing and trade props sekolah.Kami education believe that a success only side with those who are brave and diligent, "Like a small spot will be a great circle when the spirit, courage, perseverance and honesty in doing business attached to ourselves".
With perseverance and passion who never give up, thank God we give praise that Cv. Media discourse is officially dedicate ourselves as Manufacturer & Distributor Viewer Tool / Education Laboratory School in 2013.

Given the need for education means that the higher the better for the kindergarten / early childhood, elementary, junior high, high school and vocational we ventured to pursue and manufactures and markets props and laboratory pendidikan.Dengan tebaga support capabilities and professional experts as well as forge partnerships good fellow producers, partner at this time we can build a network and market our products throughout Indonesia.

The era of free market allows the mobilization of large-scale goods from abroad, which foreign products are superior in quality local products will invade the market Indonesia.Menyadari the situation, so we oriented manufactures products props quality education at an economical price so that we could compete with foreign products.

Based on the premise that we want the country children work and creativity to produce the means of education by taking the first step as Manufacturer & Distributor Viewer Tool Complete School Education and Cheapest in Indonesia.

We hope that with our presence with products that we market with adequate quality can make an alternative to your choice.

But not in spite of it all, we are fully aware that there are still shortcomings, therefore gracefully and amid open to suggestions and criticisms for the improvement of the business that we do business kami.Sekecil hopefully can contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of education in the ground Indonesian water.

Want to participate in the development and improvement of the quality of education in Indonesia, as well as being market leader in the provision of teaching aids and educational laboratories the most comprehensive and cheapest school in the nation's children Indonesia.Dengan product is superior and should be able to compete with foreign products.

"With the Viewer Tool Education Quality and Economical, Developing Nations Children The Smart Generation & Creativity"



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